True colour, always

When you need a high degree of colour accuracy, we spring into action with our specially developed production solution. A nearly unlimited number of colours can be matched on the spot and applied to paper without fluctuation. Since 1924, we have offered our customers knowledgeable advice and individualised solutions.

We offer

  • Colours each matched as a spot

  • Colours with any chosen gloss level

  • Colour formulations according
    to a predefined dE

  • TYPOLAC process on
    specially developed production machines

  • A much higher film thickness in
    comparison to conventional printing

  • Spectrophotometric and visual
    inspection of colours in different light conditions

  • More than 90 years of expertise

  • A traditional family-run business going back four generations

  • Innovation due to continuous improvement of processes

  • Technically qualified employees providing professional customer service

  • Final inspection using camera systems for up to 100% of production

We guarantee

  • Colour accuracy

  • No colour variation from the first to the last print

  • Highest quality maintained through our quality management program

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