TYPOLAC Flören GmbH was founded by Wilhelm Flören in Mönchengladbach-Rheydt in 1924. The company introduced the TYPOLAC process in 1959, which is an integral part of our printing services to this day. Therefore, we can guarantee to all of our customers that our quality remains consistently high and that colour fluctuations do not occur during printing. Due to the constantly rising volumes of orders, TYPOLAC built a new printing complex in the industrial area of Mönchengladbach-Giesenkirchen in 1969. The location’s excellent motorway connections give us quick access to the international airports of Düsseldorf, Cologne and Frankfurt, where TYPOLAC products begin their journey to customers all over the world.

Tradition and innovation

Since the company’s founding, the family has borne the responsibility of the business. Tradition is very important to us and the company has been passed down through the family for many generations. Our family-based corporate culture offers an interplay between traditional middle-class values, such as reliability, trust and partnership, with innovation and the implementation of new, creative ideas.

Since 1924, the industry has changed immensely – and of course we have too. What remains is our undisputed claim to quality and our holistic approach to business. These are the foundations of the current and future success of TYPOLAC Flören GmbH.
Something else essential for our success story – our employees. We are pleased that both highly qualified staff with many years of experience and expertise as well as young, motivated junior employees work for us. Thanks to our team, we continually meet the industry’s highest quality standards and consistently satisfy our customers.

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